Why Us?

We specialise in importing rare and speciality coffee such as Jamaica Blue Mountain. Our expertise lies within our direct partnerships with Jamaica’s Blue Mountain farmers, suppliers and cooperatives.

Since starting FA Coffee, we have gained a network of partnerships. In addition to Jamaica Blue Mountain, we are coffee brokers for a premium range of the world’s best rare and speciality coffees.

Our Team

Joseph Salmon – Managing Director

From Stockbroker to coffee broker – Joseph began his career in this exclusive commodity by following a trip to Jamaica. Together with his brother, a relative introduced them to fresh coffee beans from their farm, high up in the Blue Mountains. When he brought the beans back to London, the coffee ended up in the hands of a speciality coffee shop. They liked the beans so much that they placed a sizeable order. And so, the story began.



Alexander Salmon – Chairman

Alexander has over 20 years experience in direct consumer sales. He’s successfully built companies from the ground up with some turning over millions of pounds a year. From household appliances to state of the art cooking products, Alexander has now turned his hand to coffee.

His business acumen and expertise is a welcomed asset to the FA Coffee team.


Shoshana Robinson – Office Manager


Organisation is key. After training as a chef then working in a law firm for many years, Shoshana is the engine behind the operations. As FA Coffee’s Office Manager, she oversees all of the logistics, finance and human resources.

In addition to ensuring the office is running like a well-oiled machine, she’s an expert coffee brewer, too.