Our strength is sourcing the rarest coffee in the world. Once we’ve identified the coffee that fits our profile – we then conduct a vigorous due diligence process that involves cupping, logistics and marketing research. This ensures we only supply the best of the best.


As coffee importers, we have carved out logistics that are the most efficient, timely and cost efficient. We understand the value of time and investment. This is why we’re always thinking from a customer’s point of view. Our customer service team are professional and always aim to exceed your expectations.


Cupping is one of the coffee tasting techniques used to evaluate a coffee’s aroma and flavour. To understand the minor differences between coffee growing regions, it’s important to taste coffee from around the world, side-by-side. We can provide cupping sessions for prospective buyers.


Our team love talking about coffee. We attend and participate in various coffee tasting events to promote our coffees. By sharing our story and experiences, we build awareness for rare and speciality coffees. As a service, we provide our customers with knowledge that they can share with their customers and clients.